Become an EMICS Doctor

EMICS recruits doctors as volunteer responders from within the East Midlands Ambulance Service area. In order to work towards volunteering as an EMICS doctor you would need to: 

  • Live or work within the EMAS region
  • Have attended a pre-hospital specific training course (eg BASICS PHECC, PHTLS)
  • Ideally have some pre-hospital experience
  • Generally have five years post-registration experience

Doctors who become active responders for us must commit to: 

  • At least three years responding in the EMAS region
  • Take part in the EMICS and EMAS governance process as required
  • Follow EMICS and relevant EMAS policies and procedure

Volunteer Support Team?

Like any good organisation, we need many people using their time and expertise to support and carry out our core activities. The existing support team is always in need of extra help, particularly with marketing and generating the funds that pay for the equipment and drugs required to treat patients, but also in terms of procurement, compliance, finance and administration generally. This support work helps ensure that our doctors can concentrate on their clinical tasks.