Our Life Members

As with all charities there are is a whole team of people who freely donate their time and expertise to help the organisation. At EMICS, we like to recognise these exceptional people by granting them Life Membership.

Garth Lee

Garth joined EMICS as Press Officer in 2010. Garth’s daughter had been treated by an EMICS Doctor following a Road Traffic Accident. After spending several years spreading the word across the East Midlands, he became Secretary and worked alongside the Chairman in expanding and developing the Charity, particularly in terms of fundraising and the production of the Charity’s Operational Manual. Garth left the charity in 2017 having left his mark on the organisation.

Jo Nicholls

Jo joined EMICS in 2016 as a Trustee and in charge of Recruitment & Retention. Whilst working in a senior role in the NHS, she spent much of her spare time modernising and simplifying the Charity’s administration functions, for recruitment, approval and retention of clinicians in a world where compliance and good governance is paramount. The subsequent expansion in the number of doctors responding for EMICS is testament to Jo’s contribution.

Simon Topham

Simon grew up in Lincolnshire and did his GP training in North Yorkshire where his passion for Immediate Care was ignited.  He then moved to Louth where he joined EMICS and LIVES. He was a GP there for 16 years before moving to the remote West Highlands for 5 years – pre-hospital care had been challenging in Lincolnshire but was even more so there!

When he returned to Lincolnshire he re-joined EMICS and also LIVES where he  was appointed as Medical Director.  Since then he has seen immense clinical development in Community First Responding. His passion in immediate care is creating the conditions for people to succeed and he says we have a duty to guide those coming after us and facilitate them being the best they can be.

Simon has always been a great supporter of EMICS not only when he was our Recruitment & Retention Officer but also by giving advice on clinical and management matters.

Jean Cragg

Since 2004, when the Rutland Accident Care Scheme was evolving into EMICS, Jean has been there  supporting our Charity. As an experienced Ambulance Service Driving Instructor she has, over the years, helped train many of our new volunteer Doctors.
She has shared her 43 years of Ambulance Service operational experience, including HEMS work in the early days, and perhaps the most important and relevant skill she has shared with us is the importance of fully assessing an emergency scene before “rushing in”.  Jean continues to support our Charity.

Other Support Staff

We would like to place on record our appreciation and acknowledgement for the contributions of many other people who, over the years, have added to the success of EMICS. Like any organisation it has been through some tough times and only the Herculean efforts of many volunteers have ensured it is here today still treating patients.

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