About us

What does EMICS provide?

“We do this because we believe in what we do. We believe in bringing critical care to the point of illness or injury. We believe it makes a difference and that we should use our skills to serve our local community when they need us most.”

EMICS volunteer doctors are drawn from a variety of backgrounds including Anaesthesia, General Practice, Emergency Medicine and Intensive Care Medicine. Each doctor lives or works in the East Midlands and responds in their local area. 

Sometimes the benefit comes from being first on the scene due to proximity to the incident. Often, the greatest benefit is the bringing forward of critical care interventions.

Using their vast experience and knowledge the doctors can work alongside NHS ambulance colleagues to deliver treatments that might otherwise be unavailable to a patient who really needs it.

EMICS volunteer doctors have all completed several years of post-graduate work in hospital or General Practice before undertaking additional training to transfer these skills to the pre-hospital environment and allow them to respond for EMICS.

Many EMICS doctors also work for regional air-ambulance services or as strategic medical advisors to the ambulance service. 


Each doctor is provided with an extensive range of medical equipment. To equip a fully trained volunteer doctor for EMICS costs £20,000. All donations we receive go towards this as we have no central staff costs.

Our doctors use their own cars to get to the scene, equipped with blue lights to enable them to reach emergency situations at speed. They pay for their own car insurance, including the uplift that blue lights incur, as well as funding their own fuel costs.

This picture shows all the kit our doctors carry with them to every

emergency they attend. 


We recently invested a great deal of time and money sourcing the most comprehensive, up-to-date monitors for our volunteer doctors. 

The Schiller DEFIGARD Touch 7 is extremely compact and offers the latest defibrillation technology in combination with comprehensive monitoring functions. This means that it is easily portable to the scene of emergencies and offers the most up-to-date clinical tools. This monitor works wirelessly to download patient data to a secure server so that we can analyse and learn from incidents we attend.

Despite huge support from Schiller these monitors are expensive, but we believe worth it. Each monitor costs £15,000. If you would like to contribute towards the cost, or help fund one of these for an EMICS doctor, please get in touch via the contact us page. 

Incident Breakdown

As we cover the whole of the East Midlands, 24/7, 365 days a year, we get called to a wide variety of incidents.

These include serious road traffic accidents, cardiac arrests, assaults, paediatric emergencies, drownings, burns, falls from height, climbing accidents and so on.

We find ourselves in many different challenging scenarios as we support our colleagues from the ambulance service, air ambulance, the police, fire service and mountain rescue.