Thank you, EMICS for doing what you do

“A few weeks ago I was in the Adult Intensive Care Unit, pacing the floor, waiting to find out if my husband was going to live or die after witnessing a serious incident which nearly took his life; he was close to death in my arms. But he lived and has made an impressive 100% recovery. This is thanks to two VOLUNTEER doctors who knew his chances were slim but remained calm, aided him professionally, and spoke to me clearly and honestly.

These two amazing, kind-hearted men saved his life, a debt I could never repay. East Midlands Immediate Care Scheme (EMICS) is a network of volunteer doctors with specialist training in pre-hospital emergency medicine who assist East Midlands Ambulance Service (EMAS) at the scene of life-threatening emergencies.

Please consider making a donation to this charity; one day, they may be saving your life or that of someone you love very much. Thank you EMICS for doing what you do, you have gifted me a future with my best friend.”

Join us in supporting EMICS, the heroes behind such life-saving stories. Every donation helps them continue their invaluable work.

To donate, visit our donate page.

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