Schiller Monitor Proving Invaluable

In the early hours of 2 January one of our volunteer Doctors worked along side our EMAS paramedic colleagues to treat a seriously ill patient using the pacing facility on his Schiller monitor. This is an advanced care skill not routinely available in the pre-hospital environment. This enabled the patient to be safely transferred to the local specialist cardiac unit in hospital. This is teamwork in action. Our thoughts are with the patient and his family.
Emergency transcutaneous pacing is a temporary, emergency treatment where an electrical current is passed through the patient’s chest until electrical capture is gained and a heartbeat is produced. This is a procedure which requires sedation and careful monitoring of the patient; however, it is often a life saving procedure until definitive treatment can be given in hospital.
This would not have been possible without the Schiller monitor that has been provided and purchased for our volunteer Doctors with the money you have raised and donated to EMICS.
Thank you to all who have supported and donated to us.

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