MP Nadia Whittome Advocates for EMICS in Letter from the House of Commons

In a bid to increase emergency medical care in the East Midlands, Nadia Whittome, MP for Nottingham East, has written an open letter championing the ‘invaluable services’ provided by East Midlands Immediate Care Scheme (EMICS).

Established in 1984, EMICS has been at the forefront of delivering specialised emergency medical treatment across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, and Northamptonshire. Staffed by a team of dedicated volunteer specialist doctors, who administer critical care in support of East Midlands Ambulance Service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In her letter, Nadia Whittome highlighted EMICS’ significant role in emergency response and fast response times, often preceding the ambulance service in 15 to 20% of incidents. She stressed the critical need for additional funding to support EMICS’ mission, recognising the increasing demand on all emergency services across the East Midlands.

“Ultimately, the charity saves lives and prevents life-changing injuries,” Nadia reiterated.

Her advocacy for EMICS funding comes in light of the serious incidents in Nottingham in June 2023 and escalating ambulance waiting times, highlighting the urgent requirement for EMICS services.

While the charity has received donations and grants previously, further funding would expand the quantity of care provided, ultimately preventing further fatalities and life-changing injuries.

A quarter of EMICS’ responses are facilitated through a Fast Response Vehicle (FRV) which is now based at a Nottingham Fire Station, manned on a shift basis by the clinicians. The charity’s current focus is on adding to its responding team and to now include suitably qualified paramedics to increase the use of the FRV. As a consequence of the increased activity, funding is needed for the vehicle’s annual operating costs, medical consumables and drugs.

Nadia Whittome extended her unwavering support to EMICS and urged decision-makers to consider contributing to sustain and enhance the charity’s life-saving work.

EMICS welcomes MP Whittome’s support and is grateful for her advocacy, which reaffirms the significance of EMICS’ work within the local community.

Any support that can be provided to EMICS will be gratefully received and help it to continue its life-saving mission for individuals across the East Midlands.

If you would like to donate to EMICS, visit our donations page:

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