New “About Us” video showcasing vital on-scene care in the East Midlands

We are thrilled to announce the release of our new “about us” video, showcasing the vital on-scene care we provide during serious 999 calls across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, and Northamptonshire. This video offers a closer look at our mission, the dedication of our volunteers, and the profound impact of our work, all made possible through your generous donations. 

EMICS volunteers deliver essential medical care that can mean the difference between life and death. Whether responding to a medical emergency or a road traffic collision.

Meet Tim Baker, an EMICS volunteer and Nottingham-based GP, who explains, “Our aim is to bring the hospital to the patient when time is critical. With our skills, experience, and Fast Response Vehicle (FRV), we deliver care on scene that might otherwise take longer to receive at the hospital.” 

The video features a story from a mother who lost her daughter, Amy, in a road crash. She shares: 

“If EMICS wasn’t there, Amy would have died at the roadside—there’s no two ways about that. Besides the incredible care they gave Amy, EMICS got her to hospital and gave us an opportunity to sit with her, hold her hand, and say goodbye.” 

“These doctors make themselves available 24/7, as volunteers, on top of their normal NHS commitments. It’s entirely humbling. They put themselves in stressful situations to support the ambulance services, and it’s incredible,” Amy’s mother added. 

Public donations sustain our operations. These funds ensure our volunteers have the necessary training and equipment to provide care for people like Amy. Community support is crucial for us to continue making a tangible difference in thousands of lives each year. 

Amy’s mother continued: “It’s not just about saving a life or not—it’s about the time to say your final goodbye. That’s something you don’t realise is so important until you meet people who didn’t get that time.” 

We invite you to watch our new “About us” video to gain an understanding of our mission and the impact we have on the East Midlands community. We are incredibly proud of the difference we have made, positively affecting countless patients each year. 

To help EMICS continue this life-saving work, please consider supporting us through donations, or if you are a doctor or paramedic, by volunteering your time. 

Together, we can ensure that we are always there for those who need us most in our community.  

Visit our Donate or Get Involved page for more information. 

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