EMICS Seeks Sponsorship for Fast Response Vehicle Following Successful Trial

The East Midlands Immediate Care Scheme (EMICS), renowned for its dedicated network of volunteer doctors providing advanced pre-hospital emergency care, is proud to announce the success of its Fast Response Vehicle (FRV) trial. This pioneering FRV, equipped with state-of-the-art medical apparatus such as the Hamilton Ventilator and an Ultrasound Machine, can be instrumental in enhancing emergency response capabilities across the region.

Funded through a generous NHS Together Charity grant, the FRV has effectively transitioned into a Critical Care Car when manned by our specially trained doctors. This upgrade in emergency response has been pivotal in delivering immediate, advanced medical care at incident scenes, significantly impacting patient outcomes.

Encouraged by the success and positive impact of the FRV trial, EMICS is now transitioning from leasing to owning this vital asset. To achieve this, we are actively seeking sponsorship partnerships. This is a unique opportunity for sponsors to align with a life-saving service and gain visibility across the East Midlands. The name of our esteemed sponsor will be proudly displayed on the FRV, reflecting a commitment to community health and emergency care excellence.

EMICS invites interested parties to join us in this vital endeavour, helping us continue to provide unparalleled emergency care and save lives in our community.
For more information or to discuss sponsorship opportunities, please get in touch with David Ford, Business Manager, at david.ford@emics.org.uk.
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