EMICS doctors are continuing to volunteer through the Coronavirus crisis.

They have been working long hours at their places of work, hospitals and surgeries in challenging and exhausting conditions – but still they go out to attend life threatening emergencies in their time off.

We are as ever, enormously grateful and more in awe than usual of their dedication to the East Midlands’ community and their support of their colleagues in the emergency services.

At the beginning of the crisis, we also struggled to secure PPE, organisations such as Rutland Plastics stepped up to help us equip the team so they could be out in the road safely. EMICS relies completely on volunteers and the biggest impact has been our ability to fundraise.

As with all charities we have seen our income drop but as such a small charity this effect is more pronounced.

It costs £20k to get our doctors up and running and out on the road. Our events and talks programmes have stopped for the moment and we are busy planning for when we can get out and about again. If you are able to donate even a small amount can make a big difference!

We look forward to resuming our fundraising programme soon and getting out and about to events.

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