Thanks to those who came to help On Monday, December 5.

I attended the Oakham Christmas Market with my mum and two children to watch my daughter dance. Sadly, my mum collapsed in the market place surrounded by crowds of people. There were several people that were quick to help me, some of which I did not get chance to thank.

Please can I send out this thankyou to the lovely man from “EMICS” who gave medical attention to my mum and called for further help. To the doctor who then came to offer further assistance and the ambulance staff that helped and got us to the hospital safely. Also thank you to all the dance mums and dads who reassured my children, lent my mum their coats and made sure that my children got home safely.

I would like them all to know how grateful me and my family are. My mum is now recovering in hospital thanks to all of you. With many thanks.

Sarah Whaley and family by e-mail